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Who is Kit Engel, anyway?

I suppose I've spent 50 years trying to figure this one out, and 50 years from now I may not be any closer to the answer.

I am variously: a beloved child of God, mother of Jeff and Reid, former human companion to the dearly departed Bugz, salesperson at Lyzamir, former English teacher.... Wait a minute! This is starting to resemble an obituary!

Born in Brooklyn in 1953, grew up in Nyack NY and St. Louis MO, studied in Binghamton NY and Cairo Egypt, I've been in Switzerland since 1981 and in Geneva since 1985.

The pivotal event of my life was in October 1992 when I decided that if Jesus Christ had died for me, then it was worth my while to follow him.

To the right is one of my favorite photos, taken by my dad, of my sister Meg and me in the children's chapel of Grace Episcopal Church in Nyack.

The Story Behind My Site
No long story. Nearly everyone has a website. I'm no exception.

I'd like to thank....
... all the wonderful people who make up my body of friends and family. You are what puts fun and meaning in my life. You know who you are. You're on my mailing list. If I'm on yours, please don't send me spam.